'There can be no peace in the world without peace with Turkey'

Azerbaijan Official News Agency, August 14-2008

Adnan Oktar: The truth is that Turkey is the greatest state in the world. I am not exaggerating, it is the greatest state. This is how it will be; Turkey will join the European Union as the leader of the Turkish-Islamic Union. It will then nourish and strengthen all of Europe. Russia will be able to stand up straight, Armenia and Israel will be able to relax and the Palestinian question will be resolved. In other words, Turkey is a state that can save the whole world. Turkey is like an insurance policy for the whole world. It is a vital state. The whole world will begin to see that in 10-20 years, and Turkey will make the whole world brothers. This is the law of Allah, His destiny, insha’Allah.

Azernews, October 23-2008

Adnan Oktar: Turkey will be a great Turkey. I underline that. I am not 99% certain but 100%. It will be the leader of the Turkish-Islamic world. The whole world will see this in the next 10-20 years. I am here and you are here and everyone is here, and by Allah’s leave this is completely clear. There is no other alternative.  This is the destiny of mankind, insha’Allah. This is how it will be... Therefore, Turkey will be the leader of Muslims and Christians and Jews, insha’Allah. It is and will be the leader. And it will bring them all peace and justice. Turkey is in effect doing that now. It is doing it in Bosnia, and Iraq, and Afghanistan and everywhere. The Turkish Army is met with rejoicing wherever it goes. But the scope of this will be further expanded. Because our nation are very affectionate and delight in love and friendship. They feed others rather than eat themselves, and give them water rather than drinking themselves. If they have a good bed they give it to their guests rather than seeking it for themselves.

Bugun, October 28-2009

“There can be no peace in the world without peace with Turkey”

President Gül and Serbian President Boris Tadiich visited Petrovaradin Castle and the Peace Chapel, where the Karlofcha Treaty was signed. Gül expressed his determination to improve Turkey’s relations with Serbia and said, “I believe that we will make great achievements within a friendship and partnership that will be a model for all.” Tadich said, “Turkey is a great state. There can be no peace anywhere in the world without peace with Turkey.”

Sabah, October 28-2009

2009-12-02 19:21:45

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