A call for Islamic union from Ahmadinejad

Erzincan Can TV, July 14-2008

Adnan Oktar: The European Union is a very excellent union and a most necessary one. Turkey needs to join, but not in this form. As the leader of the Turkish-Islamic world. IT NEEDS TO JOIN AS A SUPERSTATE AND A BRIDGE TO EURPOE. IN THAT EVENT THE EU WILL BE A THOUSAND TIMES GREATER THAN IT IS NOW. AMERICA WILL BE TWO THOUSAND IF IT IS A THOUSAND. IT WILL GROW WONDERFULLY. Russia will be at ease, China will be at ease. All its neighbors will be at ease. Israel will rejoice and the Middle East will be a paradise for them. They will really be able to relax. And it is the Turkish nation what will establish peace and love. That is how it was in Ottoman times and how it is now. Allah has given the nation this job, insha’Allah.

Kuşadası TV, July 14-2008

Presenter:  What can you tell us about the Turkish-Islamic Union? Many people regard it as utopian. That is how many people look on it. Do you really believe in it?

Adnan Oktar: Now, if, may Allah forbid, Konya and Adana were separated and we said, “What is going on? We are going to unite” would anyone say, “this is utopian, it is out of the question.”? Would there be any logic in that? No. In the same way, there is no logic to the Turkic states remaining separated from us. We share the same faith and speak the same language and are members of the same race. Everything about us is the same. We have the same culture, customs and traditions, so there is no reason for us to be divided. That is why the matter of the passport and visas between these countries, between Turkic states and Islamic countries, must be lifted. People must come and go as they wish. Let them trade freely and establish whatever ties they like. That happens in the EU, so why not in the Turkish-Islamic Union? In the EU, people go to whatever country they choose and settle where they choose. They do not need passports and visas. We are brothers, so why cannot we do this? There is no reason. Of course, we can.  THE MOST ATTRACTIVE COUNTRIES WITH THE FINEST LANDS ARE THE TURKIC STATES, AND THE WORLD’S RICHEST MINERAL RESOURCES ARE IN THIS REGION. THE RICHEST OIL RESERVES ARE IN THIS REGION. WE HAVE FLOUR, FAT AND SUGAR, AND NOW JUST NEED TO BAKE THE CAKE. That is what the whole Turkish people want.

Habervaktim, November 7-2009

The president of Iran stated that if Turkey joined the EU it would raise the esteem of the union, because Turkey had deep historical, cultural and civilization roots.
Ahmadinejad said that Turkey had successfully maintained relations with other countries and expressed the view that Turkish development and strength would be to the benefit of all. Ahmadinejad noted that Muslim countries needed to support one another, and that Turkey, Iran, Egypt, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nigeria, Malaysia and Indonesia had large populations and economies. He went on to say that if these countries united a great economic market and success would result, and that this would represent an opportunity for all.

2009-12-02 19:12:11

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