Did you know that rubber is made from plant? Rubber Plant: GUAYULE

Almost 2000 types of the plants known across the globe contain rubber material. However, only some of these are used as source for rubber production. Guayule (Parthenium argentatum), which is one of these plants, is found in the semi-arid regions of North America and commonly used as an alternate source of rubber. Guayule, which is especially used to manufacture rubber tires, is a durable, long-lived, bush-like plant and generally 60 cm in height. It lives for 30-40 years in deserts where rainfall supply per year is very low.

These plants have roots that can go down to 6 meters and have thickly fibrous lateral roots on top of these. Thanks to the network of roots that can spread for 3 meters to the sides, guayule can collect moist from the desert soil and thus survives in seasonal droughts.  Thus in the time of a drought, the plant employs another of its protective mechanisms; remaining in a state of sleep. In some parts of Mexico, the guayule survives even in times when no rain falls for years. The rubber is in the thin cell membranes of the guayule. Two third of the rubber is in the body and branches and the rest is in the cells.

When dry, 10% of natural guaye’s average weight contains rubber. If the plant is under pressure, growth slows down and products of photosynthesis are transformed into rubber production. In this way, when growth slows down in cold weather or very low moist, the content of rubber begins to increase. In addition, it is observed that the rubber is not used and metabolized by the plant but kept in the plant’s system for at least ten years.

No doubt the guayule plant’s flawless features are created by our Almighty Lord, Who is the Creator of the heavens and the Earth, and eveything in between them without any prior example and is only one of the signs of Creation. Allah is the Creator of all and He is Guardian over everything.

Allah is the Creator of everything and He is Guardian over everything. (Surat az-Zumar, 62)


2010-06-01 15:20:32

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