Mr. M. Sevket Eygi: Every Muslim Has An Obligation to Struggle For the Unity of the Ummah

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A9 TV: September 22nd, 2012

ADNANOKTAR:The greatest good deed is to support the Islamic Union. It is to support the unity of Muslims. Ensuring the freedom of worship for Christians and Jews, and making sure that the whole world are brothers and sisters are the best acts of worship. If they can’t perform their prayers, other methods would mean becoming a servant of the antichrist. A sincere Muslim has to support the Mahdi and the Islamic Union. He has to pray to Allah for the return of the Prophet Jesus (pbuh). And he has to live this enthusiasm and joy.

August 2nd, 2011: A9 TV

ADNANOKTAR:Everywhere the solution is the Islamic Union. Ethiopia or elsewhere, in Somalia, Iraq, Afghanistan or Chad, there is mischief and trouble everywhere. Muslims are in hardship in the Southeast and everywhere. It is important that Muslims should always talk about the Turkish Islamic Union. Hodjas in mosques should always encourage Muslims to pray for this. Our brothers and sisters should pray for this all the time: Make this heard. Everyone should talk about this. Everyone must demand this. You know that things happen after consistent demands. For example, if something is demanded consistently, it happens. This is reasonable, but consistent demand is very important.


May 6th, 2014: Milli Gazete

Mr. Mehmet Sevket Eygi wrote the following  in his column about Muslims having an obligation for the unity of the ummah:

“Those who don't love their Muslim brothers, who don't pity them, who don't help them even when they have the means are both traitors and careless.

While the Qur’an, the Sunnah and common sense command believers to become a single Ummah, those who don't struggle to form such an Ummah are more than ignorant.

Even though history has shown that Muslims who lost their unity have become servile and dishonorable, those who still don't mention being united and struggle for the Islamic Union are more than ignorant.

Those who don't mention the Ummah and constantly propagate for their community have the mentality of the ignorance of the past.”

2014-05-24 00:33:50

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