Mr. M. Şevket Eygi: If Muslims do not unite, disorder certainly will occur in the country

What He Said?What Happened?

Beloved M. Şevket Eygi Hodja continuously writes in his column the fact that Mr. Adnan Oktar has been pointing out for years that Islamic world needs a leader, and that Hazrat Mahdi is needed.

A9 TV: August 17th ,2013

ADNAN OKTAR: I’m watching television, all kinds of hodjas appear on TV, all kinds of experts appear on TV, they talk about all kinds of subjects and they don’t talk about the only solution which is Islamic Union. Those who talk about it, they say, "The Caliphate should come, sharia should come. Look what democracy did to you, let’s get rid of democracy, let get rid of law, freedoms and such. We are in this situation due to democracy” they say. “Let’s get rid of democracy and all” they say. They say “Let’s bring forth a sharia of bigoted understanding” that is to say, “Let’s assume sharia of mushrikun”. Sharia of mushrikun; “Let’s form an ocean of mushrikun, let’s turn all Islamic world into a hell, what do you say?” they say. “What kind of a hell is that, he kills thousands of people a day, martyrs thousands of people” they say  -and add “We do better, we will kill tens of thousands of people every day” they say in short. Look, look at the solution! One who offers a solution, offers such a solution. Why don’t you talk about freedom, democracy, love, affection, art, science, esthetics, Islamic practice of the companions? Say this is the solution to this. They speak of no solution. They insistingly don’t talk about Unity of Islam, the Islamic Union. 

A9 TV,:October 25th ,2013

ADNAN OKTAR: Because the way of Mahdi is not present, because Muslims don’t have a leader for themselves, the Islamic World is like a leaf scattered by the wind. It is going through terrible sufferings, pain, and kind of writhing in pain. However Islamic countries are very rich. They have the power, hundred times, a thousand times to enable our brothers who are few in number to live in a peaceful, rich way.  But because there is no Islamic Unity, because there is a wide opposition against Islamic Union, the unproductiveness and inauspiciousness of this lack of unity and togetherness is manifested on these poor people badly. 

December 23rd , 2013: A9 TV

Adnan Oktar: Its a pool of blood everywhere. Everyplace cries out the want of the way of Mahdi to the entire world. Lack of love, mercilessness, ruthlessness, dividedness, quarrelsomeness spread the world. Allah forbid! The recent events in Turkey, for example, are disturbing. Allah forbids Muslims to fight one another. Allah states; ''In that case I will defeat you”. ''If you fight one another, I will take away your strength, I will tie up your foresight and understanding. I will cast fear into  your hearts. You will be defeated” Allah says. So nobody should encourage something like that.

Whoever we are resentful at, whoever we resent , we will make peace with them. Whoever are our enemies, we will make peace with them too. We will be brothers and sisters and we will form the Islamic Union. Otherwise Islamic Union will not be formed. We will overcome our anger. We will know how to forgive. We will forgive no matter what.


January 21st, 2014: Milli Gazete

Mr. Mehmet Şevket Eygi wrote in his column that those who are really responsible for the discord and disorder experienced in Turkey are Muslims who do not unite. “If Muslims do not became one ummah, if Muslims do not have an imam whom they pledge their allegiance to, if Muslims split into thousands of pieces, disorder certainly will occur in the country.”

2014-02-02 22:43:38

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