Myanmar visit by the Organization of Islamic Cooperation

What He Said?What Happened?

November 11th , 2013: A9 TV

ADNAN OKTAR: The most  terrific violence is being used against our Muslim brothers who are living in Burma.  Our government has to make an statement. Government has to constantly speak out against this  everywhere.

In the presence of the U.N, it has to be brought forward domestically and internationally to call attention to it because Ministers statements, the President’s statements, explanations given in significant meetings is a great pressure. That will be very effective; that’s why we request this. Especially regarding the suppression in Burma.

For instance; after the oppression they made in Turkistan, a committee goes  there. This is a great way of creating pressure, rocking the boat everywhere in other words; it is deterrent for them to revive the situation in Burma, to rock the boat everywhere, to talk about the pain they cause, the violence they use against Muslims in detail with proofs. If you scream in one place  “There is a fire” a lot of people will run there to put it out: But if you don’t say anything, that house will burn down and turn  to  ashes  over there. Let us speak out about the fire everywhere loudly. Our government must do this all the time, our Ministers, our President must do this. Master Tayyip talks about this from time to time but he shouldn’t be hesitant about   this. He must mention this in detail. He must insistently mention this in every meeting, everywhere. We request from him to do this.


November 17th, 2013: Haber 7

Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu, General Secretary of the Organization of Islamic Conference Cooperation, said that they received guarantees from the Myanmar government on the subject of  conferring citizenship to 800 Rohingya Muslims who are living in the country. 

2013-11-23 22:39:27

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