My dream is neighborhood without borders

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Abdullah Ozdogan Interview – March 2- 2009

Adnan Oktar: The second thing is to open especially; the Armenia and Azerbaijan borders. I, especially want them to be started from there. The border gates will be opened on the same day and hour in both of the regions. The governments will take a decision and it’ll say; there is no need to get a passport or a visa in order to enter here, you can come and leave here whenever you want. How this happens with Syria, there is a border clearance at bayrams (feast day). The guys don’t have a passport and a visa but everybody can arrive and depart; what’s wrong with this? Who is harmed by this? Who is disturbed by this? … If the arbiter embraces them like that; the two brothers will hug themselves. With affection and enthusiasm, they will adjust this matter in half an hour or an hour. The Armenian is not a dull nation. They are compassionate and courteous people. They are rational and kind people.
You know the revenge monuments in Armenia; when our President went there; they turned off its lights. It means; we are uncomfortable about this, we do not want this. If you exhibit love to us, and embrace us, we will turn off its lights. Nothing will happen against this.

MPL TV Satranc Tahtasi Programme – December 19- 2008

Adnan Oktar: We are the arbiter, the ally of this region. They are all our neighbor. We lived together for thousands of years, there is completely an artificial separation. LETS OPEN THE BORDERSLINES, LETS TRADE EXCESSIVELY, LETS EMBRACE THEM; THERE WILL BE HAPPINESS, FESTIVITY; FRUITFULNESS AND FERTILITY WILL SPREAD EVERYWHERE. The world will see the atrociousness of this treachery, egoism and self-interest and they will emulate us.

Yenişafak, 27 April 2010

When the close relationship between Azerbaijan and Georgia is kept in mind, the only gap ring is Armenia; Davutoglu expressed and he spoke; “ We call for the removal of the borders. We want that; the security would be dominant in those regions, but the clash would not be dominant. We call for the end of the invasions, we call for the solutions to the ingrained crisis. When this perspective is put into practice, the leader of the region will be Turkey”.

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